Libby’s Crafts Website is Here

Hi, I’m Libby from Dungog, NSW. I collect vintage china plates from all over my gorgeous Hunter Valley, and drill them to create 2 & 3 tier Vintage Plate Stands. There is such a lovely trend, at the moment, for everything vintage and for High Tea themed events. My little creations fit in beautifully with these happy occasions. In fact, I think a little thought of love goes with my plates to these special get-togethers.

My customers often tell me about the joy of sharing their favourite china with their friends and family. It’s not unusual for the vintage plates to be a key to treasured memories. Sometimes, customers use them for treasured collections, or for jewellery on bedroom tables, or for holding soaps in the bathroom. I also use them on my sewing table for bits and bobbins.

5 Replies to “Libby’s Crafts Website is Here”

  1. Hi Libby, Congratulations on your beautiful new Website. It’s magic. I hope your clients thoroughly enjoy it, and it reaches many more wonderful people who enjoy your delughtful creatikns. J live my plate.
    Suzy Downes
    Melbourne, Vic. ❤❤❤

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